Below is a list of services I offer. Some of these can be provided either online or in person. As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Music Direction

A director of music will typically oversee a band or ensemble during rehearsals and performances with special attention to detail — whether the goal is to faithfully reproduce the sound of a recording in a live setting, or just to make sure everybody is representing the act as well as possible. Typical responsibilities of a music director would include writing charts, communicating musical changes in an efficient way, and generally making sure everything is set up and geared for success, leaving the rest of the personnel free to do what they do best – play music.

Artist Development

If you’re a singer/songwriter, and are just getting started or looking to improve all of your skills at once, artist development is a good place to start. I enjoy the one on one process of helping an artist find what makes them unique, and helping to push that to it’s fullest extent. Common targets in artist development include stage presence, vocal style, arrangement, song and key selection, and more.

Music Instruction

As a skilled multi-instrumentalist, as well as a seasoned instructor, I can help you realize your goals no matter what your weapon of choice is. From vocals, piano and guitar, to instruments like accordion, didgeridoo, and even electronic instruments, one on one time with a knowledgeable instructor can make a huge difference in your musical life.

Music Technology Training

With each passing year, technology becomes more and more engrained into the way we write, record and perform music. If you don’t stay current, it’s easy to let technology get away from you. If you feel behind the times, or just want to find creative solutions for performance challenges, training people in the secret computer ninja arts is one of my favorite ways to help out. This can include learning how to record, mix and master your tunes like a pro.